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PAX PRESS is a Non Governmental Organization legally registered according to the provisions of the Law n° 04/2012 of 17/02/2012 governing the organization and the functioning of national non-governmental organizations in Rwanda. It is recognized by Rwanda Governance Board, (RGB), under the Legal Personality delivered in 2014.

Tél. : 0788735873/ 0788431920/ 0788813274
B.P 5777. Kigali, Rwanda
E-mail : presspax@yahoo.fr
Website : www.paxpress.org

Profile of PAX PRESS

1.Organizational Contact Details

Name of Entity: PAX PRESS
Address: P.O BOX. 5777 KIGALI. NYAMIRAMBO, KN 158 ST3

Contact Person: TWIZEYIMANA Albert Baudouin, National Coordinator
Murenzi karangwa Janvier, President

Telephone: +250 788 73 58 73
Telephone: +250 788 43 19 20
Email: twizalbainfo@gmail.com
Email 2: janmurenzi@gmail.com

2. Presentation of Organization Capacity

PAX PRESS is a Non-Governmental Organization with Legal personality number 029/2014, with its head offices located in Nyarugenge district, Kigali City, Tel: 0788735873, represented by Mr. MURENZI K. Janvier, chairman of the board of directors and Legal representative. The chief functionary of the Organization is the National Coordinator, Mr. TWIZEYIMANA Albert Baudouin.
PAX PRESS is a network of 86 journalists working with 31 media including 12 radio stations, 10 Newspapers, 3TV, and 6 Websites. Their main aim is promoting peace, human rights, and democracy in Rwanda. In operation since 2006, PAX PRESS focuses on community based reporting by training journalists, dispatching them to the field and facilitating them to collect, process and publish information through media partners.

PAX PRESS is keen to promote democracy and good governance through coverage, deep analysis and reporting on the implementation of policies and citizens’ participation at all levels of governance. Previous experience demonstrated that PAX PRESS contributed to bring about lasting changes in the lives of people living in poverty and injustice. In so doing, PAX PRESS integrates innovative thinking and practices to ensure that citizens effectively participate in policy planning and implementation.

One of such innovative thinking includes the creation of “Journalistes Acteurs de la Participation Citoyenne” (JAPAC). Journalists are facilitated by PAX PRESS to organize community media (press and electronic) debates on the most pressing/topical issues of concern.
PAX PRESS has distinguished itself in the areas of capacity building, coaching and management of local journalists.

In 2010, PAX PRESS trained 30 journalists – from 12 radio stations, 8 newspapers and online media – on the media coverage of electoral process in Rwanda. PAX PRESS launched a sensitization campaign on election in which approximately 4 million voters were informed on electoral process.
PAX PRESS members are skilled and highly experienced local journalists and trainers.
Since 2010, PAX PRESS and Syfia International trained and provided continuous support to a big number of Rwandan Journalists.

3.Our mission

Disseminate Information aiming at promoting Peace, Good Governance and Rule of Law
Our vision
PAX PRESS vision is “to groom a professional, independent, credible and passionate media houses and journalists that promote citizens’ participation, public accountability and transparency, and dialogue between citizens and local authorities”.

4. Our main Activities

• Train Journalists on Thematic Reporting
• Organize radio talk shows
• Organize Media community debates (Interactions between citizens and their local authorities)
• Raise public awareness and promote Advocacy on citizens and their leaders’ concerns; …

5. Our specialization

PAX PRESS aims to strengthen capacity and facilitate journalists in:

a) Electoral coverage and democratization
b) Citizens’ participation
c) Authorities and citizens’ dialogue through the community debates
d) Media Professional Training and Coaching
e) Problem/context analysis
f) Ethics and deontology of Rwandan journalists, especially those of radio stations, print and electronic news publications.
g) Publishing and broadcasting balanced information. Etc…

6. Our strengths

The full time staff (9) well experienced
Part Time (partner journalists) with good will to implement any media project
Office and professional equipment (computers, cameras, recorders, …) well managed and ready to be used.
PAX PRESS is legally recognized with Legal personality number 029/2014
A big number of members are trained and have a high level knowledge and skills on government policies, programs and practices in relation to democracy and good governance
A big number of journalists are determined in policy research, advocacy and influencing at national level through the media
Members (journalists) have built a synergy in media
A big number of journalists in different media organizations, (Radio, TV, Newspapers, Online)
Capacity of raising funds, proposal writing and negotiating with donors
Capacity of building partnership with various actors
Demonstrable experience of Training by a team of skilled and highly experienced local journalists and trainers.
Good financial and human resource management
In finance: Skills in utilizing accounting software, good management of funds, financial reporting, audit, …

TWIZEYIMANA Albert Baudouin
National Coordinator

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