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ToRs for Conducting a Mini-Survey on How People with Disability embrace the Media Career

The overall objective of the mini-survey is “to document the current status of employment of people with disability in the media sector and the enrollment rate of persons with disability in the schools of journalism”.


The Persons with disabilities are seldom covered in the media, and when they are featured, they are often negatively stereotyped and not appropriately represented. It is common, for instance, to see persons with disabilities treated as objects of pity, charity or medical treatment that have to overcome a tragic and disabling condition or conversely, presented as superheroes who have accomplished great feats, to inspire the non-disabled. In particular, people living with disabilities are left behind in media as well as in other various fields. They do not have appropriate space where they can express their views, challenges and successes.

In line with the above, PAX PRESS is implementing a project “Mainstreaming disability in media and creating space for free expression of people with disabilities”. The project intends to advocate for mainstreaming of disabilities in media by creating space that allows free expression of People with Disabilities. The space will include regular radio talk shows, radio emissions, moderated by trained journalists. PAX PRESS will work in close partnership with Rwanda Organization of Journalists who Advocate for People with Disabilities and Vulnerable Persons (ROJAPD), Media for Deaf, National Commission for People with Disabilities (NCPD), National Union for Disability Organization in Rwanda (NUDOR), Great Lakes Initiative for Human Rights and Development (GLIHD), among others.

The Overall goal of the project is to boost representation of persons with disabilities (PWDs) in employment within media. The project seeks to use the media to portray persons with disabilities positively by Influencing media professionals to be sensitive to disabilities issues. The project intends to create an enabling environment and promote practices that facilitate Persons with disabilities to be employed in the media industry.

The project seeks also to capacitate media professionals with skills to use correctly images, language and terminology related to disabilities.
In line with the above project, PAX PRESS would like to hire the services of an individual consultant to carry out a Mini Survey on how People with Disability embrace the Media Career.

Objectives of the survey

The overall objective of the mini-survey is “to document the current status of employment of people with disability in the media sector and the enrollment rate of persons with disability in the schools of journalism”.

Specific objectives of the survey

• Review existing Laws and policies and document existing legal and policy standards for promoting labor rights of persons with disabilities.
• Document gaps and challenges constraining PWDs to access job opportunities in the media sector as well as factors constraining PWDs to enroll in schools of journalism.
• Propose recommendations and best practices for inclusion of PWD in the media profession and schools of journalism.
• Provide gender disaggregated information on the status of persons employed or working in media outlets or enrolled at the schools of journalism.
• Present key findings of the survey to PAX PRESS and all relevant stakeholders.

Time frame

The assignment is estimated to take 45 working days.

Required qualification

A master’s degree preferably in Journalism, mass communication, law and other relevant field from a recognized university.

Required Experience

•Extensive experience in carrying out researches and studies in the area of disability rights and media.
•Expertise and understanding of Rwanda’s legal and policy framework particularly on Disability Rights and Media.
•Demonstrated understanding of the rights of people with disability. Understanding of Human Rights Based Approaches (HRBA) is an added advantage.
•Strong interpersonal, writing, presentation, and organizational skills.
•Ability to work as a team member and collaborate with others.
•Proficiency in English and Kinyarwanda.


An application letter accompanied with an updated detailed CV (including at least names, telephone numbers or email addresses of 2 referees) should be addressed to PAX PRESS Coordination to the following email address:

paxpress.info@gmail.com, not later than 25/10/2019 at 5:00 pm. (Kigali time).

Please put both the vacancy post title on the application. Candidates will be requested to show the original documents before any final decision is made.
Please note that only short-listed candidates meeting the required qualifications will be contacted.

Done at Kigali, October 10th, 2019
Twizeyimana Albert Baudouin
National Coordinator of PAX PRESS

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